Welcome to Leah and her fantastic PE sessions

Thursday 8th March 2018

We are delighted to welcome Leah Huddlestone to our centre this term. Leah will be delivering our PE sessions twice a week and brings with her a wealth of experience and knowledge of the PE curriculum having taught in local secondary schools. We are very fortunate to be able to welcome her onto the team here at Wakefield.

For the first half of this term we were looking at different types of fitness and how people have different strengths – things that they are naturally good at - as well as weaker areas that they can work on to improve. Someone who has the stamina to run a marathon may not have the quickest reaction times, the power to jump great heights from standing or the strength to be a weight lifter. As we looked at the different areas of fitness, we also looked at activities that could help us improve in those areas, many of them producing entertaining results!

This term Leah has challenged the students to try a new sport and so they are learning badminton. Leah pointed out that we cannot be experts immediately so we need to learn the different skills involved, starting with the serve. After an initial reluctance to have a go our students got stuck in and those of us watching could see the improvement they made as they tried out their newly learnt skills.