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The TLG Centre will be fully re-opening to students from the start of the Autumn Term, on 14th September.

All students are expected to attend as usual, provided they are well and no members of their household are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms (new, continuous dry cough, high temperature, loss of smell or taste).  

Parents must inform the Centre if their child or anyone in their household has Covid-19 symptoms or if their child is unable to attend for any other reason.  

Staff will contact Parents and Carers with details of school procedures and individual arrangements for their child.

Staff are continuing to provide regular remote contact and distance learning opportunities for any students not able to attend the Centre.


Useful information for Parents and Carers during Covid-19 

Please continue to contact Centre staff, who will be happy to chat and offer all kinds of support wherever they can, either for you or your children.


Covid-Safety and Risk Assessment

TLG has implemented a range of measures to ensure the Centre is as safe as it can be - these are fully in line with the guidance that has been given to schools by the Department for Education and Public Health England.  Measures include reducing contacts and social distancing, regular hand-washing, using the Catch it, Bin it, Kill it approach with coughs and sneezes, along with enhanced cleaning during the school day.  All students, staff and visitors are expected to follow our agreed measures when at the Centre.  We have written to parents and carers with more details.

TLG has a detailed risk assessment in place which all staff are aware of and are implementing.  This is updated regularly, as the situation develops and as new guidance is released.  This can be made available on request. 



Safeguarding our children and young people continues to be an utmost priority during this time.  We have published an 'Addendum' to our Child Protection Policy to cover the period of school closures.  You can find this at the bottom of this page.


Online Safety

Our staff have received updated training and guidance on using online learning safely with students and are working in line with our new guidelines for staff.

We have created an 'Addendum' to our E-Safety Acceptable Use Agreement for students, to cover arrangements for online distance learning.  You can access a copy of this here.

We have updated our E-Safety Acceptable Use Agreement for Parents.  You can access a copy here.

The Department for Education's has created an advice page for Parents and Carers on how to help keep children safe online.  This information can be found here.


Free School Meals

Please contact the Centre for details of how eligible families are receiving their food vouchers. 

If you are struggling for food, whether or not your family is eligible for free school meals, please contact the Centre staff who will be able to help.


Bereavement Counselling

Speak to Centre staff, who may be able to put you or your child in contact with counsellors connected with the Centre.

Alternatively, Child Line (call 0800 1111) and The Samaritans (call 116 123) both offer free counselling services.

Local, free, bereavement counselling is also available for young people at Escayp.


General advice for parents and carers

The NHS website contains lots of helpful information about Coronavirus, including how to book a test and how to recognise symptoms.

The UK Government website contains lots of information and the latest guidance on a whole range of topics related to Coronavirus, including local restrictions, testing, health and wellbeing and housing.

You can find advice and guidance for Parents and Carers on the return to school in the Autumn term, from the UK Government here.  This includes help and information on a range of topics, including school re-opening, attendance expectations, online safety and mental health and wellbeing.

If you or a member of your household has Covid-19 symptoms, you should follow the UK Government's Stay at home Guidance.

If your child uses public transport to get to school, the UK Government's advice for travelling can be found here.

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